Tunica Hills Music Fest and Jam

The second Tunica Hills Music Fest and Jam​ will be held April 21 in Parker Park​ – Downtown St.Francisville. For those who attended the first festival last year – you know what a unique event it is! This is not your usual Louisiana Music Festival – Yes, we have bands on stages and Yes, we have bar BQ and Jambalaya but we have wrapped it up into an entirely different package. The professional musicians on the stages are only on the stage for their short sets – the rest of the day they are circulating through the park and joining in the many jam sessions taking place in the tents set up for just that – music JAMS. For those who have never done this, a jam is a gathering of musicians to make improvisational music. It
may be jazz, bluegrass, acoustic, Americana – or a mixture of musical genres. The musicians don’t have to know each other – or practice the tunes they are playing. The excitement and energy is in the interaction and creativity of the moment.

What makes this festival really different, though, is YOU! Everybody is welcome to bring their instrument and join in the making of music. The festival is FREE – thanks to Entergy,
St Francisville Arts for All, Pat’s Hardware and Building Supplies, Magnolia Cafe, West Feliciana Hospital, Sam D’Quilla DA– and – all of the professional musicians will be here and waiting for you to come join them in a jam. If it is your first time – no problem. We will have special tents and areas set up to give you the
basic skills to jump right in and become part of the creative experience. If you have played guitar, bass, drums, uke, banjo, any instrument, and put it down years ago because you were tired of playing alone – this is the festival for YOU! Our professionals and music instructors will help you join in the fun. It really is easier than you think! So you are a little intimidated – fine – just come, stand on the outside of a jam circle, listen for a while –and – then go to your car and retrieve the instrument you brought and join us! You will not regret it!

Bands you can play with:
● The Fugitive Poets
● The Wilder Janes
● Bonfire Band [from the recent Ethan
Hawke movie Blaze]
● The Fabulous Bagasse Boyz
● Cupcake Strippers
● Josh Garrett
● Captain Green
● The Levee Road Review
● Clay Parker and Jodi James
● Chris House
● Susan Ayson
● Nancy Roppolo and Friends
● Joe Ropollo [Playing with everybody]
● Buddy and Faith Mcclure
● Gemini Venture
● Lucy Yoes and Owen Broulette
And many more to come!!

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