March 3-4, 2018 Kat Fitzpatrick Encaustic Workshop

Kat Fitzpatrick, Encaustic Artist

This is a two-day (9-4:30) workshop designed to introduce students to the use of the ancient encaustic art medium (damar crystals+beeswax+pigment). Beginners, as well as seasoned artists will find a rich and versatile “new” medium that has been around almost 2,000 years. It is fragrant, durable up to temperatures of 160 degrees and beautiful either in its natural pale amber state or with added colorful pigment.

I will cover basic safe studio practices and materials, collage techniques, layering, fusing, carving, inlaying, photo and charcoal transfers and a variety of other techniques that are compatible with the beeswax medium. Students will leave with the ability to set up their own encaustic studios with a list of online sources for supplies.

Materials provided by me include wood and cardboard panels, beeswax medium(colored and clear), bristle brushes, transfer images, a variety of collage papers, rubber stamps, carving tools, heat guns, butane torches, shellac, a variety of drawing supplies, etc.
Students can easily go home with 6-8 completed pieces over the course of a weekend.

*No extra materials need be purchased by the students, although instructor strongly urges students to bring treasures from home to embed. These may include small black and white high contrast photocopies of old or new photos, old handwritten letters or recipes, stamps, maps or ephemera, lace, dried flowers or leaves, decorative papers, small watercolor paintings or studies or mess ups on paper, flat costume jewelry, etc. Go wild in your secret stash of things you can’t part with and haven’t found a home for(yet!). Bring them.

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