About Us

We are a group of local artists, musicians, writers, actors, poets, and people who enjoy the arts and work together to promote and support the arts and artists in West Feliciana Parish

We believe that creativity is vital to healthy people and to a healthy community. We work to help others of all ages and at all stages of life to learn to make and appreciate art.

Arts For All is committed to supporting all the arts for all the people in all of West Feliciana!

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Arts For All was Incorporated in 2007 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our efforts promoting the arts in West Feliciana include:

  • Continuing the annual Yellow Leaf Arts Festival. In 2015, it celebrated its thirteenth year, and has grown to over sixty participating artists from Louisiana and Mississippi and features a special section for our local artists.
  • Continuing our annual Mardi Gras Show and walking parade.
  • Holding our annual meeting for the entire membership in March each year to elect officers and report progress and future plans.
  • Sponsoring and promoting theatre and dramatic arts.
  • Providing classes and arts activities for children and adults throughout the parish by bringing the arts to people at community centers, schools, community markets, nursing homes and other neighborhood gathering places.
  • Sponsoring and promoting the annual Songbird Music Camp for kids and Songbird Music School for adults.
  • Providing studio space for artists to work, provide instruction, and exhibit works.
  • Holding community art shows open to all visual artists in the parish in addition to members-only shows.
  • Using this website to better inform our parish of things of interest for the “art-minded”.
  • Continuing and enhancing popular music and poetry events. including jam and open mic sessions.